The Importance of Sports in Children’s Health


Children’s health should be a big concern to parents. They face a difficult task to accept that their kids are unhealthy. Time has come for us to be serious about these facts. At least 20% of children between five and seventeen are overweight. This should not be the case since we all now know that for children to stay healthy they need to engage in some sports activity every day.

If your children are in the habit of playing when they are very young they develop a routine to do so when they get older. That will stay with them throughout their lives. Organized sports are great but we need to understand that not all kids are athletic. There are a number of sports that can keep your children healthy and fit like playing soccer in the backyard, swinging on the swing set, tossing a ball and many others. Sports create excitement hence burning calories. It is the obligation of every parent to make sure their children engage in a sporting activity. This will help to save our children from complications like diabetes, high blood pressure, stress and depression. In the long run it will help them improve on their academic performance. We should not forget we are also helping ourselves stay healthy while getting involved with the children.

The very first thing a parent should think about when choosing a sport for his or her child is the physical ability of the child. It’s advisable to research whether or not the child enjoys the sport. Never force a child to play a sport he or she does not like. When choosing a sport, gather information on how rough the sport it can be on the body of the child. It’s recommended that a child should choose a sport that is popular in his or her area. This will make him or her have plenty of chances to play. Children can change the sport they play as they get older.

Some of the health benefits of engaging children in sports include:

  • Improvement on personal skills like leadership and cooperating with others.
  • Improved social skills
  • Reduction of the risk of being obese
  • Greater confidence due to good mental health
  • They are able to sleep well
  • Healthy bones and muscles
  • Proper co-ordination and balance
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Reduces chances of complications like headache and backache

Increased involvement in sporting activities for children is important. It keeps your children fit and healthy. Encourage your children to play some sport.